Tropical Echoes “Naked”

Tropical Echoes is the brand new addition to our Audio Chemists family, expecting a digital release of their first debut single “Naked”. Exclusive Release with Traxsource began February 16th, followed by release on all other major online stores worldwide on March 1, 2016.



What’s expected?

Debut single from an all live house music trio, featuring Yuki Kanesaka, the mastermind keyboardist behind Ubiquity‘s Bosq and BBE‘s Kon, along with Chicago native guitarist Marcus Rezak of Digital Tape Machine, and Drummer Takuma Anzai based in Brooklyn, NY. ‘Naked’ presents versatility in the trio’s mix of deep house and disco in an experimental context, featuring the lustful vocals of Nu Disco sensation Saucy Lady. Much in the style of a live version of Blue 6, Miguel Miggs or Tortured Soul, Tropical Echoes has arrived to stimulate your nightlife.

Vocals: Saucy Lady
Guitar: Marcus Rezak
Drums:Takuma Anzai
Keys/Synth Bass: Yuki Kanesaka
Publisher: Audio Chemists (ASCAP)

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