Princess Problems is the new project from Boston’s Naoko Takamoto (Plural, That Handsome Devil), serving blunt lyrics covered in layers of delectable vocals.

The debut Alternate Universe EP is a quirky yet dirty electro-pop collection, produced by Kasson Crooker of Symbion Project and Freezepop fame. “Einstein” pounds the truth into the thickest of skulls, while “Art of War” pops with levity. “Drive” recklessly runs through red lights, and “Sue Me” is an absolute grinder.

All featuring stomping beats with playful and classy garnishes, these 4 songs will prove how hard it is to dance, bang your head and sing along at the same time. Try it. (“Regular” universe album coming soon)!



The debut single by the Boston-based Honey Sauce Band, “Boy Toy” starts off with live congas and vocals, then immediately switches gears to carry you to an atmosphere that sounds like Rick James has joined their party scene. The cocky lyrics sung by Saucy Lady are accompanied by Boston-based special guest guitarist Van Gordon Martin.


Much in the spirit of an extended disco mix, this original dance track delicately carries the listener into a dazzling cosmic dance space. As the tune transforms into the chorus, you will hear layers of ravishing vocal harmonies and synth pads resulting in an exquisitely united arrangement.

Meet Me Half Way.001

Depicting a couple’s quarrel through the sounds of an 80s drum machine, a woman’s defiance is captured vocally through Saucy Lady, accompanied by retro electro-synths. Call it Pop, New Wave, or Nu Disco, this tune is guaranteed to be dance floor friendly.

Sparkle & Shine Cover Art.001

Sparkle & Shine is a feel-good dance oriented, pop infused funk tune. Using the Linn drum sounds with gate reverb, this tune evokes 80s retro vibe much like in the style of Atlantic Starr.  Vocal synth effects brings in a modern touch to this track that has a throw-back feel. Checkout the music video! 

Saucy cover Movin'.001

Movin’, originally produced by Yuki “U-KEY” Kanesaka gets a funky twist, with hip hop cult-figure J-Zone adding in live drums and his production capturing raw, old school style funk.

Saucy cover Star Bright .001

Remix by one of London’s BBE Records artist, Slakah the Beatchild turns this roller-boogie tune into a chill vibe, that makes the listener reminisce of the 80s disco era.


“Diversify” is the debut album by Boston’s Saucy Lady, and it truly lives up to its name with character and attitude. A bi-cultural Japan native, the singer/songwriter is also a DJ, whose style is reflected in the eclectic nature of the album. It opens with “Who is Saucy Lady,” produced by DJ Pforreal and mixed/arranged by Prince Paul. The album follows with a melting pot of disco, hip hop, house, afro-beat, even bossa nova. With a voice both soothing and sultry, Saucy Lady envelops the listener in a tapestry of feel-good grooves and jazz funk in the vein of Slave and Patrice Rushen. However, this is no mere throwback to a timeless era, but rather a sophisticated distillation of evocative sounds that will appeal to modern tastes.