Who We Are

Audio Chemists provides an opportunity for musicians and artists the paths to distribute their creative works. As a full-service entertainment company, offering a music label was a natural fit for us to take us to the next level. We allow independent artists to showcase their unique sounds and lead the music scene as pioneers in their genre to inspire listeners.

Currently our first and key artist on the roster, Saucy Lady has been making a name in the underground nu-disco and soul scene in Japan, US, and Europe. Her debut album “Diversify” along with new singles have been released through our label, and have been gaining popularity with steady momentum.

We’ve also recently released the single, “Boy Toy” by the Honey Sauce Band featuring Yuki “U-KEY” Kanesaka on keys, Yuma Hara on guitar, and Nika Takafumi on percussion with the vocals of Saucy Lady. Remixes by Ourra (ISM Recordings) featuring Sven Atterton (Omega Supreme Records), E.Live (Star Creature), and U-Key (Monophonic) are planned next for release on vinyl Spring 2016.

Tropical Echoes, our most recent addition to our roster will release their first single “Naked” with exclusive digital release on Traxsource mid-February 2016.